Rounded Shoulders ... and What Else?


Rounded Shoulders … and What Else?

The caption on this photo was, rounded shoulders. When I look at this photo I see so much more.

Of course I see the rounded shoulders. I also see a forward head posture. Some important things about forward head posture that are rarely looked at are these.....

Your eyes are always trying to be level with the horizon. If my head is forward I have to bring my chin up, which compresses the upper cervical vertebrae. It also forces my eyes to use the upper eye muscle to contract more to look on the horizon level — almost like I have to look from under my eyelids. This will eventually change the vision, and not for the better. 

Notice it looks like her upper back is rounded. Stay with me now. The respiratory diaphragm located at the bottom inside of the rib cage on the front and is like an umbrella inside, then connects on the vertebrae of L1-2-3 in the back. In this woman it is drawn up in the back, and tightening down in the front. This causes the lungs to rise in the back and be compressed in the front. Of course it will change breathing, because not only is the respiratory diaphragm too tight and cannot expand easily but the lungs are tightened as well.

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