Anyone with a desire to help and heal others will benefit from this training, as well as anyone currently in the health or wellness fields who would like to expand their knowledge and efficacy.

If I’m already a massage therapist or health practitioner, how will this training benefit my current practice?

Research shows that integrative bodywork can actually be more effective than conventional massage, and it addresses more systems of the body than an approach like physical therapy alone typically does. The training you receive at the Ankrum Institute will expand your viewpoint to include many more possibilities when looking for a root cause of someone’s issues, which will make your work with your clients more effective. It will also provide you with other ways of working, and other techniques to choose from.

If I’m not currently in the bodywork field, what can I do with this training?

Studies show that as health continues to decline across our population, and as traditional medicine often fails to result in greater health, the need for educated holistic bodyworkers will continue to skyrocket. Shifting into a bodywork career at this time — especially one with the kind of depth and breadth the Ankrum Institute offers — can be deeply fulfilling both professionally and personally as you contribute to greater healing and understanding across the board.

I’m a yoga teacher or personal trainer. How can this augment what I do?

Bringing a greater depth of knowledge about the body’s many systems to your students and clients can revolutionize their ability to comprehend what is happening in their bodies, and thus to work more efficiently and with more productive results.


Previous experience as a health practitioner and familiarity with anatomy and physiology is not required, but can be helpful.

How often is the 500-hour training offered?

The training starts once a year. Class size is very limited, and spaces are expected to fill up quickly. If you are interested in signing up or have additional questions, please contact us.

how long does the training take to complete?

It takes just under two and a half years to complete the training. Students meet four days at a time (Thursday-Sunday), every other month, to complete 14 modules. The training is intentionally presented in this way to ensure that students get to practice between modules and have time to integrate what they’re learning.

can i take just one module by itself?

The only module that is available to be taken individually is the 5th module – the Embryology course. Our curriculum is progressive, with each of the modules designed to build on the previously taught information.

What type of certification will I receive when I complete the training?

Students will receive a certificate upon finishing that confirms they have completed 500 hours of bodywork training. In most states, a massage therapy license may be obtained by someone with a 500-hour certification who thereafter passes the MBLEX test.

Is there any outside study required for this program?

Students will be expected to study and learn the anatomy and physiology of all areas that are taught. Students will be required to practice what they’ve learned on at least five people after each module they complete.

How does this training differ from other holistic bodywork trainings?

This training will allow you to add the benefit of true critical thinking to your practice. Leigh believes in approaching the body from the viewpoint of health, not of illness. This means starting treatment by keeping the client’s optimal state of health in mind. You will learn how to identify that state, and identify the problems that must be resolved in order to return the body to health. This is a revolutionary way of approaching healing, and Leigh will share her techniques with you so that you, too, can practice in this way.