"But You Don't Look Pregnant!"

There are times when a woman is pregnant she doesn't look pregnant, as if she has gained some weight. I have seen it many times. One does not want to insult her, but you cannot see the shape of the rounding belly.
This is what I have found. She, the mother, has some kind of tension patterns in her pelvis. More specifically in these different structures: the fascia inside the hip bones, or the broad ligaments on the side of the uterus, the inside of the back fascia, tension around the small or large intestines, etc.
What happens when there is tension on one or more of these structures, the expansion of the belly cannot go out!
The important thing here is not so much what the mother looks like as that the baby has room to fully expand, do the backstroke, maybe a full gainer.
Everytime I work on a pregnant woman, by the time she leaves the session she looks much more pregnant. This is only due to the release of any tension anywhere that would restrict the expansion of her womb.
It is so much fun. I cannot wait to share more of this information at the one day pregnancy class I am teaching on September 6. You can sign up for it here. Hope to see you soon.


Leigh Ankrum