Trauma, Tension, and the Brain

The brain and spinal cord. Most of the time we think of them as two separate structures. But they are one. And, they are supposed to float, to have motility. As traumas happen to us, tension and lack of motility happens to this system.

There are layers surrounding the brain and spinal cord called the meninges. When something happens to you like a car accident or such, these membranes tighten, and this inhibits the motility of the brain and cord. Each successive trauma tensions it more. It reduces our ability to be flexible. Not bend-over flexible, but flexible in our ability to recover from things, flexible in our immune system.

All can be helped with craniosacral therapy, which I teach as part of every module in my training. Hope you will join us for a workshop or the full 500-hour program. We start a new group in February 2020, training a whole new generation of practitioners to bring more ease and health into the world.

Leigh Ankrum